Having released 6 songs digitally TOUSHAR now comes forth with a first physical release – ‘Season 1’ featuring a previously unreleased track featuring local legend and vocalist BAZE, a moody song evoking thoughts of introspection and reflection.

TOUSHAR, now settled as a four-piece band gathered live experience, having played shows and festivals such as the acclaimed ‘Up In Smoke’, have continued to write new material and are eager to hit stages all around in the time coming. Aiming for an immersive live experience with a unique blend of post metal, alternative rock and complementary electronic elements.

There comes a time in a musician’s career where one has to decide to produce material with a genre in mind or to reach down deep and explore a path that keeps one’s attention in the long run. TOUSHAR doesn’t shy away from using harmonic voice arrangements and indulge in catchy hooks paired with pum- meling riffs and abrasive vocals.

Listen to ‹Loub› on all platforms here!

Next Shows:

May 18th 2024 – Vinyl Release Show, Planetspade, Bern, CH /w ENDING THINGS
July 13th 2024 – Tschingelhell Openair, Guttannen, CH

Last Shows:

June 8 2023: ISC Club, Bern CH /w LYVTEN, HATHORS
Jun 23 2023: Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich CH /w LYVTEN, ANGER MGMT.
July 1 2023: Barbarie Festival, Biel CH

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Danceable, energetic and captivating, TOUSHAR‘s music is ideal for stages in sweaty clubs. The songs have a huge dynamic range grabbing you right from the start and takes you on a wild journey to their ecstatic finale – sophisticated, sometimes wild, but always in flux. The mood is always somewhere between over the moon and down in the dumps, like a well-writ- ten episode of a dark TV series. TOUSHAR also blends in their own influences of rock and metal music from their youth with modern contemporary trends to create a unique, powerful and driving sound. The polyphonic vocals and pop-influenced arrangements make TOUSHAR’s music accessible to a broad audience beyond the saturated niches.

Remo Häberli – Guit, Vox, Samples
Philipp Thöni – Bass, Vox
Nicola Graber – Guit, Backing Vox
Remo Röschli – Drums

Listen to ‹For Too Long› on all platforms here!
Listen to ‹Cocoon› on all platforms here!
Listen to ‹Solanum› on all platforms here!
Listen to Bipolaris on all platforms here!
Listen to Inverted Sun on all plattforms here!
Listen to Yarn Of Time on all platforms here!